Saudi Arabia Expedition

In 2018 while working as flying instructor in Saudi Arabia I bought two camels for a solo journey across a desert.  I wanted to complete the expedition using traditional Beduoin methods so I bought a lactating mother camel for milking along the way. My kids named them Sultana and Pom Pom. I had to train them from scratch which was challenging in the very short time I had available. It was a crazy expedition and did not go to plan!

I haven’t had time to edit this film yet but you can click here if you’d like to be notified of the films release.

Leading Sultana across the desert.

Making a saddle for my gear.

Giving Sultana barley in a sandstorm.

Getting to know baby Pom Pom.

The cutest baby camel the world has ever seen.

Camels are cool.