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Signed copy + FREE bookmark crafted from genuine canoe off-cut.


Could you survive alone, for 2 months at sea in a dugout canoe?

In 1846, James Morrill survived a shipwreck on Australia’s north coast. Though the young sailor was then embraced by the local Indigenous community, in Modern-Day Castaway, Michael Atkinson asks, ‘Could James have built a vessel and made the perilous journey to a historic rescue haven in the Torres Strait?’

With the cyclone season fast approaching, Alone Australia contestant and solo adventurer, Mike Atkinson, sets sail on an extraordinary 1500-kilometre journey to the northern tip of Australia. His aim: to live entirely off the land and sea.

As malnourishment drains his body, Mike navigates his failing dugout canoe through the treacherous waters of the Great Barrier Reef, and along the wild and unforgiving coastline of Cape York. From crocodile defence tactics, to calamitous canoe failure, to fishing with adapted Indigenous tools, Modern-Day Castaway journals Mike’s epic struggle for survival.

“Adventurer and survival expert Mike Atkinson will take you on a journey you will never forget.”

-LUKE RICHMOND, author of One Life One Chance

Outback Mike Portrait

Mike is a former military pilot and survival instructor. He creates award-winning feature documentaries about his escapes from historic survival situations.

@OutbackMike ‘Dugout Canoe Build’ – over 14 million YouTube views

Modern-Day Castaway has 254 pages, including 125 photos (colour and B&W) and drawings that depict;

  • the canoe build
  • life at sea
  • spearing food with traditional spear and woomera
  • bush-tucker (bush foods)
  • survival skills
  • 19th century navigation
  • Aboriginal Elders and rock art
  • historic shipwreck survivors
  • the toll on Mike’s mind and body, and
  • encounters with sharks, crocodiles, dolphins and dingoes.

Each book is signed by Mike. Each book also comes with a FREE bookmark, crafted by Mike from original off-cuts of the Salty Kangaroo (Mike’s dugout canoe as seen on the book cover). These thin slices of wood allow you to see, feel and own a small slice of this very unique vessel.

Modern day castaway bookmark
Comes with FREE bookmark made from Mike’s dugout canoe

This is a truly unique book. A cross between Tom Hanks Castaway (although this story is real, not fiction!), a genuine shipwrecked sailor’s tale and Mike’s awe-inspiring journey of discovery.

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Katie ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Couldn’t put it down. Michael’s skills at making stuff on Alone Australia were so incredible that I had to read his book. Really interesting insight into the impact of European settlement on first Australians and the environment and his bravery and self belief as he takes on this incredible adventure is really inspiring.

Simeon ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Absolutely thrilling read. I’ve loved watching everything that he’s made and done so far so I was very excited read about this adventure and it did not disappoint. I had trouble putting it down. An honest and thorough account of an intense adventure.
Mike lays out the details and background of his adventures in an easy to read manner while telling you about how he felt and the struggles that he endured. You’ll love it and be excited for what he has coming next!

Laura Smith ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

A must purchase for anyone who has an inkling for adventure. Initially bought this to be organised for Father’s Day but the nerd in me couldn’t help myself. How one person can survive, let alone thrive in the wilderness is beyond me but Mike explains it in such a way that you will start looking at camping gear online. Loved the book, add it to cart.

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Mike is also releasing a feature film about this adventure. NOTIFY me when the FILM is released.

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